What Are The Features Of Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a cloud-based application built to analyze and visualize data. Power BI acts as an entry point for data collection through various sources and then segregate them suitably to meet the business requirements.

Let us explore some of the advanced analytics features that Power BI provides to your business below:

Data fusion –

If you want to achieve maximum insights from your data, you need to have a data collection strategy that is well-thought-out and creatively executed. It includes a robust data fusion strategy that automatically merges customer and vendor information across your channels. This enables you to understand your business intelligence data so that it can be applied to all of your strategies. It also helps you make informed decisions about which channels to focus on to drive more sales.

Geographical targeting –

Power BI offers the opportunity to segment customers based on where they are spending their time online. This is achieved through the channel-specific data sets that you can pull together from your data. For example, you can target users who search for healthcare information on Google, Facebook, Bing, or Yahoo. You can also find customers who are searching for automotive or travel news on Google or Yahoo. With this information, you can understand which segments and key phrases to promote with your marketing content. 


Power BI provides metrics for every visitor that comes to your site. This data will allow you to understand how many people engage with your brand and how many do not. The metrics will also allow you to measure performance over time and help you set goals for future success. For example, you can use the data to improve your pricing, ad campaigns, or even your customer service.

Sales channels

Power BI provides the opportunity to drill down into each channel that a visitor comes in. For example, you can identify which direct mail pieces have been most effective. You can also identify the top ten advertising pieces that brought in the most conversions. By doing so, you will maximize your marketing dollars by focusing on the conversion channel opportunities.

Sales cycle visibility –

When visitors come to your website, most of them are looking to buy. However, there will be a small percentage who will not go on to make a purchase. These visitors typically come as lead generation ads, referrals from your social media promotions, or other ads performing well. With the data that you can pull from Power BI, you can identify which of these processes is performing below expectations and work to improve the conversion rate of these visitors.


With it, you can easily identify the lead that is converting. This data will allow you to segment the channels that you are marketing to and understand the conversion rates for each channel. If you find one channel not performing up to par, you can easily modify your marketing strategy and focus on a different channel to increase sales. This means less time spent monitoring inaccurate or incomplete data and more time spent on generating new leads.

Best source for Customer Relationship Management O-Lead

Of course, while seeking out a platform that can enhance the data collection for lead generation, ONPASSIVE’s O-Lead stands ahead to collect efficient data for your business.

Users tend to look at messages that interest them. Before exploring and opting to promote business activities, the relevant audience data has to be collected. Otherwise, the marketing efforts go fruitless.

So, supporting this O-Lead acts as the best CRM tool to increase an organization’s brand image and gain market visibility. AI built features of the tool helps analyze the intelligent means to engage the customers. The tool uses sentiment analysis to understand the intent of the conversation.


In Power BI, you get access to the full suite of advanced analytics technology. From customer relationship management (CRM) to web analytics, you get the data and the technology to make you the most successful business owner.

With it, you can optimize your CRM, expand your reach online, and understand the role of the Internet in your overall marketing strategy. This gives you the chance to take advantage of all available opportunities to grow your business quickly and profitably. It is a comprehensive analytics solution designed for the needs of a wide range of organizations

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