Top Business Automation Software Tools In 2022

The popularity of business automation software is rising as customers and staff need change in addition to eliminating repetitive tasks through automation.

Some businesses want to employ a single automation platform to boost the effectiveness of their operational procedures. While some people desire to increase employee experience, others are looking for business automation tools that will help them improve the customer experience.

Whether you are in charge of a significant workforce or a small corporation, you probably have operations that can be automated. Over the past few years, automation tools have transformed business operations and processes. In 2022, you can quickly scale and sustain your small business thanks to these tools.

Business Automation Software Tools


A marketing/sales professional’s dream comes true! The HubSpot CRM platform is one of the best automation tools available for companies trying to expand their customer base at scale. The platform can automate every step of the marketing, sales, and customer service operations, including gathering high-quality leads, delivering targeted emails to potential and current clients or customers, creating and managing the blog and social media material, and managing customer support.

Five built-in software programs on the HubSpot platform help you begin your marketing automation journey. The sales software, with features like advanced CRM, meeting scheduling, and quotes, will help you close more deals faster. With features like lead generation, market automation, and analytics, the marketing software will help you expand and convert your online audience and run full-scale inbound marketing campaigns.


Regular coding is one extremely taxing chore, even for the geniuses among us, and prevents one from accomplishing important things. The development of no-code systems like Zappier was motivated by this actual challenge.

Zappier takes care of the challenging backend coding task so you can focus on the task that matters. Its features include integrating two or more frequently used apps, such as Teams and Gmail, automating repetitive processes to save hours of effort, and building multiple fluid workflows.

It provides customizable pricing options to meet the demands of your business.


Writing content has been automated, much like every other corporate operation. You undoubtedly believe it’s impossible to develop a writing automation method; nonetheless, consider Wordsmith. This is a content automation platform that, as its name implies, turns data into illuminating stories.

It automatically conveys information throughout your business in the most enlightening and friendly textual tone. With the aid of artificial intelligence, Wordsmith gives you the tools you need to gain a deeper understanding of your company by producing precise, concise, and insightful analysis that aids in the improvement of your data-driven decisions.

Microsoft Power Automate

Most Microsoft programs often have a lot of power. Some of these programs provide some level of automation; the Microsoft apps are a low-code tool for app development. Workflows can be managed and customized with Microsoft lists. Using an internal design engine, Microsoft Sway generates interactive infographics and presentations. However, none of these programs provides a complete automation procedure as Microsoft Power Automate does.

You may design a whole automated workflow and business process using power Automate. Additionally, it provides tens of thousands of premade templates to begin automating standard business procedures.

Power Automate is the ultimate automation platform with features like Flow, where repetitive and time-consuming multistep-guided processes are automated with pre-built connectors and AI Builders.

These create intelligent automation and insights by building and publishing AI models without needing any programming knowledge, and Process Advisor records and visualizes end-to-end processes.

Netsuite Financial Management

Accounting processes must rank among the most challenging business processes for most firms. Accounting activities are complex and, if performed incorrectly, can lead to a business’s financial ruin. Firms need accounting automation technologies like Netsuite Financial Management to handle the complexities of financial procedures.

NFM, created with large businesses in mind, assists in automating complicated financial operations, including budgeting and forecasting, bank reconciliation, asset management, revenue management, compliance management, payables and receivables, and much more.

With capabilities like Revenue Recognition, Planning and Budgeting, Accounting, Billing, Financial Reporting, Financial Consolidation and Governance, Risk, and Compliance, the program addresses the problems associated with manual processes, data accessibility, accuracy, and compliance.


As demonstrated by the preceding tool above, the most significant business process automation is probably the one involving financial operations. Small business demands are barely met by most, but they are by a select few, one of which is SolveXia.

As the name suggests, SolveXia uses a robust financial automation package to address various complicated financial issues, such as revenue management, expense analysis, reconciliation, and much more.

Large and medium-sized firms with more complicated financial operations should use automation software.


Here is one social media automation software that small businesses can use. IFTTT, an acronym for If This Then That, assists small businesses in integrating all of their web resources

and used mainly for personal usage.

However, it provides some great workflows for small enterprises. For instance, perform similar operations such as adding all email attachments automatically to Google Drive.

IFTTT automates several processes, including social media, email marketing, blog content creation, and more. It provides a basic package for free ever and ever.


Organizations interested in increasing their revenue base and streamlining company procedures must consider automation. It is not some Matrix fault or a robot from the future. It is not intended to take the place of employees but rather to supplement them and free them up to focus on essential tasks for the firm.

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