Planning for Effective Business Growth

There are many ways to create an action plan to grow your business successfully. However, one of the most important steps in planning for business growth is identifying your core purpose and vision for the company. What do you want to accomplish? What are your highest aspirations for the company? What resources do you currently have available to you?
When outlining a business plan, always identify your primary mission and strategy. Is there anything that you wish to change about the way that your business operates? Are there areas that could use improvement? Where are you currently at regarding your business plan? Where do you see your business going?

Develop a USP

Once you have a clearly defined purpose and strategy for your business, you can begin developing a comprehensive marketing plan. Your marketing plan will include your sales strategy, a strong advertising strategy, and a unique selling proposition (USP). If you already have a product or service to offer, you may want to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) to help increase your profitability. In fact, developing a USP that works for you will make it easier for customers to identify with your products and services. Your USP should be uniquely yours. It should not be similar to what other companies offer in the market.

Identify your Resources

In addition to a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy, your business development plan will also need to include a development process to identify your best resources. Your best resource may come from another small business in your area. The development of a strong growth strategy will help you identify the right field for your best talent. When you do select your top performer, you will be able to leverage the experience and other resources of that company while creating your own unique development process.

Upskilling employees and self

In order to get the best talent for your business, you will likely need to invest some money in training and mentoring. There are many small businesses that offer professional development at their local vocational schools or through various community colleges. Other companies offer employee development programs that give employees inexpensive classes or seminars on how to become more effective leaders. Small businesses may also provide free business leadership classes to help employees become effective team players.

Develop a Sales Strategy

Your sales strategy will support the development of your sales process so your customers understand where they will receive their merchandise. You will also need to have a detailed sales process map so you can track your revenue levels and expenses. A sales process map will allow you to accurately measure the cost per sale, number of leads, and conversion rates of your brochures, catalogs, advertisements, mailers, etc. Once you understand your overall sales strategy, it is easy to make changes and fine tune your strategies. Your ideal customer profile is well defined by your sales strategy, so make sure you include that in your long-term business plan.

Set your activity goals

Your sales strategy, including your activity goals, should be clearly stated, detailed, and measurable. Your activity goals can be reorganized to fit into your long-term business plan as well. For example, if you plan on growing your business by increasing your sales process or lowering your pricing than your competitors, you could plan on adjusting your activity goals to reflect those actions. This flexible planning is an important part of your business development planning.

Get the exit strategy right

If you are planning on building a business from scratch and raising capital, you should work out an exit strategy before you begin. Your exit strategy can include selling your business, buying another business, or selling your investment property. Before you spend any of your money on business acquisition costs or working capital, it is important that you carefully consider your exit strategy. Your cash flow forecast will show you whether or not you are likely to profit from your business venture.

Streamline your Business operations

Every pivotal plan for business growth should include a strategic plan for streamlining the business operations. Ensure that your office premise or the online space you work with is equipped with the best tools. You can use an Enterprise Application Suite, like the one offered by ONPASSIVE to give the automation and simplicity to carry out every office operation without a hitch. Be it accounting, HR operations, branding, communications or marketing, an enterprise suite will have all the necessary tools to enhance a business performance.


The business topography is changing now with virtual platforms being the actual effective market for products and service of all kinds. Every Business plan now needs to be crafted to ensure that you are offering the best online platform to your customers to explore, understand and purchase. As technology keeps evolving, so will the expectations of your customers. You need to make sure your business plan is malleable enough to embrace changes when it is needed.

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