How To Scale Up Your Business From MVP to MLP?

Growth is a challenge for any upcoming business. Instances exist when organizations find it challenging to make decisions regarding current and future situations. Setting goals is easy, but realizing them is difficult. Minimum Viable Product(MVP) helps over this.


A Minimum Viable Product is a product with the minimum features to attract user attention and prove a product idea in the early stages of product development. The MVP launch models help businesses quickly gain user feedback so that the necessary enhancements can be incorporated early.

Every kind of business can adapt MVP launch models. Studies reveal that most startup businesses fail due to heavy expenses. However, with the MVP model, funds are conserved. Most importantly, MVP models help gain investors.

MVP Purpose 

Any organization chooses the Minimum Viable Product due to the following significant reasons:

l Quickly release a product into the market.

l Experiment with an idea to know user experience before developing a fully functional product costing a heavy budget

l Understand organizations’ target market

MVP helps minimize the time and resources you invest.

Minimum Viable Product development 

Initially, ensure that the product aligns with business goals and objectives and the knowledge about the resources and the expenditure. Knowing these will help you plan the right time to develop an MVP. Also, understand the purpose of MVP service, whether it is to focus on the core markets or generate an enhanced experience for the existing customers.

Secondly, focus on the solutions your product has to offer. What factors influence you to develop an MVP product. Here they are as follows:

l User Research and analysis

l Analyzing competition

l The pace at which the application enhances depends on the user feedback

l Cost towards implementing various user stories

Finally, now that you have a plan, it is time to implement it. Viable itself states about the successful and qualitative operation of the product for which it is intended to do. You can not create an MVP with half-built features but must be fully operational.

MVP launch model

The MVP launch model helps small businesses test new ideas or innovative products and services. This model best suits the startups. It practically helps to know what works and what does not. Initially, plan for small budgets instead of right away going with heavy investment. The MVP launch model differs from organization to organization. However, the common thing is that you always have a chance to rise higher from the MVP stage.

MVP talks about your potential audience and the success probability of the organization. Some important information includes who your customers are, what they are buying, their expectations,

and what they love and hate. This information helps you figure out the success rate of the product.

How can you scale up for your business?

Learning is a never-ending process. As long as your business operates, customer feedback always benefits the organization’s growth. So, the next step after working on the feedback through MVP is MMR(Minimum Market Release) and MMP(Minimum Marketable Product), which is about adding extra features to the MVP.

The MMP and MVP are the means to attain the features of the final product. Thus, your product and services are of extra value now. Even if you move to the next growth stage, do not forget to value customer feedback.

Moving further 

Minimum Loveable Product(MLP) is the further step. It is not just a workable product but much beyond, propelling people to buy. The much-awaited stage after MVP/MMR/MMP is MLP. Feedback keeps building even during this stage. In addition, the word of mouth marketing (WOMM)

flourishes during this stage.

Accomplishing business growth 

So, we have seen the business growth from MVP to WOMM to experience real success. Success is not an instant formula but takes time to develop. Potential ideas and the required infrastructure can cause a business to develop from a simple MVP to a fully developed business.

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