How Can Small Businesses Help During A Pandemic?

The dramatic and severely disruptive spread of the Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented and hit the world hard, altering our lives and changing the course of history. Businesses across the globe, too, suffered tremendously as a result of the pandemic and the worldwide lockdown that ensued.

Organizations, big and small, across the globe were forced to lay off employees and put a halt to investments. Consumer spending decreased tremendously, dampening the spirits of budding entrepreneurs and large organizations.

Although it is tough to find ways to help others during this gravely overwhelming time, some small business owners have found ways to use this time to do good, help others, and give back to their communities during this crisis without venturing out of their homes, and here’s how:

Utilize the power of social media to unleash creativity, assist and encourage others during bleak times

Ponder over how your business helped ease the lives of those in your community before the pandemic. You can even ask whether your company provides any goods or services, then ask yourself if you have helped educate, inspire, or entertain those in your community.

Doing this will surely help you discover how your business can provide some relief during the trying times. For instance, most tutors provided their services in person before the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, they have had to adapt to tutoring their students online to ensure continuity in their learning. Hence, like these tutors, you too can utilize the power of the world-wide-web through your smartphone device, a tablet, or laptop, to find ways to assist people, near and far. And, if you’re lucky, even make a quick buck at it.

If you’re an artist who usually doesn’t have much time on your hands, you can use this time to display your talent to others through social media channels. In addition, you can use these social media channels to earn money by providing your audience and their family and friends with online classes to help them hone their artistic skills.

Provide your customers with discounts or freebies

The pandemic severely hit every section of the economy. People who were once paid minimum wage for a day’s work now had to fend for themselves during lockdown while hundreds of others had to live on a tight budget.

Many of these people could not find employment, could not make a living during the first few months of the pandemic, and were forced to live off of whatever they could get for free. Considering their plight, you too can expand your reach and help more people by offering up your services or products at a discounted price.

You can also integrate a buy one get one free program, or if you have the means, you can offer a service or product for free or provide potential customers with a free trial period to use your product or service.

Work with active charities and non-profit NGOs to raise money. 

Entrepreneurs from across the world have joined hands to help raise funds to support essential workers, i.e., restaurant staff, grocers, hospital staff, Etc., and provide aid to those struggling financially.

You can also offer your products, services, and content to help raise money for people struggling to make ends meet. But it is not possible for all businesses as not every company has the means to do so, especially not if you’re starting.

On the other hand, you can organize a sale for your goods and services. You can use the internet to spread the word about the fundraiser and let your audience know that the money raised would be used to support or aid a specific charity or organization. By doing this, you are not only helping others, but you will also bring attention to your brand.


You can help your community battle this fatal virus by doing small acts of kindness. You don’t need power or wealth; just the willpower to enable and use your talent and knowledge.

Every little act matters. Through this, you will not only help those that need it, but you will also bring attention to yourself and your business. Your kind gestures will likely help you gain new customers and clients and lead to business growth. We’re in this fight together, so be sure to use this time to lift each other!

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