Effective Ways to Use Instagram for Small Businesses In 2022

For a long time, Instagram has been a major social media player. With over 65 million monthly active users, 10 billion photos, and one of the most recognizable logos globally, it’s a must-have marketing tool for small businesses — if they know how to use it.

The influence of the photo-sharing platform on its users’ purchasing habits is growing as well. With this in mind, Instagram can be used for more than just sharing photos; it can also attract new customers.

The platform offers many features for small businesses, from customer complaints to a product going viral, leveling the metaphorical digital playing field between small and large companies. However, because it has been around for a while, there is a wealth of information on how brands can use it.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 

The following are a few practical tips for small businesses on utilizing the platform’s features for expanding their digital footprint:

  • Make Interesting Emoji Captions

Using emojis to engage your audience is a great way to do so. It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and hashtags are amusing and unique. For added creativity, try combining them.

Emojis are particularly useful on Instagram because they can be used to personalize your messages. You can use the same emoji for multiple occasions or change the colors and style of the message every time you post something new.

  • Utilize Hashtags Wisely

Before you use hashtags on Instagram, check how they perform. Try searching for your own hashtag and seeing what happens when you use it in your posts.

While there is no guarantee that your hashtag will be noticed, various factors influence how well it performs. There are some hashtags that people use all the time, while others perform better when used only once in a while.

The most effective hashtags are eight to ten characters long, and you should make sure that your hashtags are easy to read. You should also use a variety of hashtags rather than just one or two.

  • Be Unique & Original

When people see your Instagram captions, they can’t help but be drawn in by the allure of original content. There are thousands of posts similar to yours, so you need to stand out.

Make sure you have a unique perspective or angle that your audience will appreciate. You don’t want to be known as someone who tells you what’s going on in their lives without adding value or making any effort. Thanks to Instagram’s unlimited followers, people can easily find a user they like. However, if you want your post to be noticed, stand out from the crowd and give them something to remember.

  • Post On a Regular Basis

It’s always a good idea to post on a regular basis, but make sure your content is interesting. Don’t squander this opportunity to show off your brand’s personality and connect with your followers on a more personal level by posting bad content.

Many businesses are turning to Instagram stories to keep their content fresh. They accomplish this by creating short clips that are easy to consume and serve as an extension of the account to be consistent with their brand image. This is something that you should try.

  • Have An Attractive Instagram Feed

If you have a well-designed Instagram feed, it’s only natural that the profiles follow suit. These are the first images that new followers will see, so make sure they’re exciting and enticing enough to entice them to keep scrolling through your feed. This Instagram strategy is especially important if you’re using a mobile device because you only have a small area to catch their attention.

While many people are aware of this, some companies are unaware: Instagram’s feed is now based on an algorithm. This means that the posts are not in chronological order. This is a significant change for those who used it primarily as a content curation tool and then discovered they had to use it for something else.


For small businesses looking to expand their social media marketing efforts, Instagram can be a fantastic, free resource. Figuring out what’s best for your brand’s social media strategy will take some time and effort, just like any other marketing effort. Use the tips mentioned above to improve your Instagram Marketing performance significantly.

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