Concepts and Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

What Are The Qualities Of An Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are those who design a business model with the perspective to define clear solutions to any problem with a particular focus on facing the challenges across the way. Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, starting, and running a new business. It can even be defined as the aspiration to develop, organize and run a business.

Importance of entrepreneurship 

Employment creation:  Entrepreneurship creates employment and experience for many enthusiastic job aspirants. If unskilled, they also train them to meet their required skill set.

Innovation: Innovation provides the world with new markets, products, technology, and quality. Thus, it enhances the living standards of the people.

Development: A society turns more refined by increasing the employment base with varied skills. Thus, societal changes happen rapidly to facilitate quality education and better living.

Research: Products and services must be well researched and tested before market launch. As part of this, entrepreneurs spend money on research at various universities and institutions. Thus, causing economic development.

Features of Entrepreneurship 

Characteristics talk about what an entrepreneur should possess. Creativity, professionalism, good behavior, and self-discipline are the entrepreneurship qualities that help to accomplish the set goals.

  1. Taking risks: This is the top quality of becoming an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur possessing such quality can assess the risks carefully and make effective decisions. Self-confidence is the active force behind taking risks.
  2. Determination: To be determined means not be give up anything easily. An entrepreneur who has initiated an idea may often fail to turn it into a reality. Failure does not hinder their progress but gives space to analyze how things have worked. They act courageously to adopt creative and alternative means, which can make them successful.
  3. Passion: drives the entrepreneur’s path to take risks and be self-motivated to realize their dreams. The idea is not just to make money, but a passion for creating a change through the aim.
  4. Know the product: An entrepreneur must know about the company’s offering and the existing market trends. It is essential to study whether the products satisfy current market needs.
  5. Flexible: Change is constant. So, an entrepreneur should be ready to accept the changes. Whether market trends or product development change, they must implement ways and means that best suit the shift. Also, be open-minded to grab every opportunity that benefits the organization.
  6. Leadership: Entrepreneurs’ dreams can become a reality with the right workforce and resources. So, the right leaders can choose the capable team, impart the required knowledge and train them to accomplish the business goals. Moreover, they build work collaboration and motivate them to work on their idea.

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Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurial Growth


Entrepreneurship Process

  1. Begin with an idea: The entrepreneur comes up with an idea and evaluates various opportunities on the way.
  2. Idea assessment: Assessing the idea is often complex. To ease these, entrepreneurs seek the help of consumers, channel partners, and technical people to determine the opportunities. Once it is done, they need to be evaluated.
  3. Opportunity analysis: An entrepreneur needs to ask whether the opportunity is worth investing in and feasible. The entrepreneurs must analyze their financial capability to invest in those opportunities. Also, examine the risks involved and the competitive advantage.
  4. Chose the right opportunity: The entrepreneur chooses the most promising idea based on vital factors.
  5. Gather the resources: This step includes finding details about various investment opportunities and necessary human resources. Accordingly, the right investors and employees are selected who can accomplish business activities.
  6. Determine the business size: Entrepreneurs determine the business size and its expansion depending on the capability to manage resources.
  7. Plan the business location: Entrepreneurs should determine a place depending on the cost of labor, material, etc.
  8. Launch and management: Once the business is launched and the employees are hired, you must begin your business operations to accomplish your goals. Firstly, the management must determine the management hierarchy to execute the processes.
  9. Future: In this step, apart from executing ordinary business operations, entrepreneurs focus on the growth and development of the business. The actual growth is compared to the planned expansion, which helps determine whether the company has attained stability or needs to be expanded.


Entrepreneurship gives an excellent opportunity for economic growth. The entrepreneur characteristics help to execute business operations effectively. Individuals who do not have a business background should acquire knowledge to run a business.

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