5 PowerPoint Deck Templates For Your Next Investor Pitch

5 Investor Pitch PowerPoint Deck Templates that fit in with your Business Model

The pitch deck is the essential element that decides the outcome of your presentation, whether you’re looking for investors for a business or presenting an idea to a firm.

We’ve hand-selected the most significant investor pitch deck templates for PowerPoint to assist you in creating the ideal pitch presentation. Usually, PPT deck templates come in both free and paid varieties.

Providing the most extended presentation while creating a pitch deck is not essential. The main goal of a pitch presentation is to grab potential customers’ and investors’ attention with an eye-catching slideshow. And that’s what the free pitch deck templates in this article are for—achieving that objective.

The PowerPoint template for an investor pitch, also known as a pitch deck, slide deck, or pitch slide deck, is a polished presentation that includes the essential elements of a strong investor pitch. It offers instructions and examples on how to pitch your entrepreneurial ideas to a venture capital fund, angel investor, or even an investor board. The audience will be engaged during the elevator pitch because of the PowerPoint presentation’s high-quality visual appeal.

You intend to sufficiently interest the investors during the initial meeting by utilizing the pitch deck so that they agree to move forward with you.

A subsequent round of due diligence, a recommendation to another investor, or the introduction of a strategic partner might be the next move. Do not anticipate receiving more feedback from an unwilling investor to invest further in the project.

  1. Big Idea PowerPoint Template

The ability to present a tale that entices the audience is essential for achieving crucial milestones like luring investors and generating money once you have come up with your next great idea. With the help of the 20-slide Big Idea PowerPoint template, business owners may explain their company’s history and demonstrate its true worth. Big Concept, Pyramid Diagram, Business Story, and World Map are a few of the profitable slide categories included in the template.

Presenters may use this imaginative and well-organized collection of slides to captivate their audience and convince investors to support their big idea, all while using little information and generating a lot of interest.

100% adjustable yellow & white color aesthetics are included with the slide deck. To strengthen emphasis points and create a distinctive presenting experience, you may also change the text, backdrops, and images.

  1. Hot Idea Pitch Deck Template for PowerPoint

The first half of the challenge is coming up with an outstanding concept. You must also nail your pitch to turn it into a commercial reality. Presentation writers frequently choose the 21-slide Hot Idea Pitch Deck. Contemporary design, charts, graphs, presentation models, forms, and first-class visual images are all included in the template. Startups may use the comprehensive set of slides, which includes:

  • Mission & Vision
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Size
  • Business Model
  • SWOT Analysis

The slide deck features a striking design that is ideal for grabbing your audience’s attention. In addition, the template is fully configurable, allowing you to rearrange slide elements, change layouts, and modify the built-in fonts, colors, and visuals to suit your company’s needs. 

  1. Startup Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

The Startup Business Pitch Deck’s convincing slide design and pixel-perfect images make it the ideal tool for catching the attention of potential investors and stakeholders. The template’s vibrant and vivid slides might help presenters get an advantage over their rivals. The template includes more than 19 slides covering essential presentation elements like Introduction, Problem & Solution Statement, Pyramid & Venn Diagram, Business Model, Market Size, Timeline Slide, and Conclusion.

The slide deck is moreover fully compatible with well-known presentation software programs, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Office 365, Google Slides, and others. Startup presenters may easily upload the template to Google Slides and work productively with their colleagues to build the presentation’s masterpiece.

  1. Pegasus Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

With the help of the Pegasus Pitch Deck, you can confidently present your business strategy to stakeholders and possible partners. Presentation producers may save a tonne of time by using this template to visualize the startup’s future. Using slides like the “Problem & Solutions Slide,” entrepreneurs may turn their wordy company proposals into an engaging tale. Several exciting elements include Timeline, Market Size, Business Model, Competitive Analysis, Strategy, and Investment Opportunities, Questions, FAQs, and How to Contact Us.

The primary goal of the Pegasus pitch deck is to provide a bird’s-eye view of the business and the issue it addresses! Presenters have various tools at their disposal, including emphasizing their company’s advantages, highlighting customer testimonials, and more. Find out how to use the deck to make your business ideas successful!

  1. Business Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

It isn’t easy to put up a company pitch deck. It’s common for presenters to spend hours tinkering with design and producing slides with almost any interaction. Using the Business Pitch Deck template, you may provide the audience with a complete presentation experience from beginning to end. The design includes several user-friendly, professional-grade slides, such as the Milestone Timeline, Product Demo, and Cover Slide.

With the help of these 19 fantastic slides, presenters may quickly and effectively identify the issue, provide a potential solution, give an overview of the market, describe their go-to-market strategy, and end the next VC meeting. Additionally, the template allows you to accomplish more with less! The audience is frequently intimidated by crowded slides by presentation creators. The template enables you to engage your investors with its simple, clean style easily.

To conclude:

Though it is not a comprehensive strategy outline, your pitch deck should align with your business model. Instead of starting using PowerPoint or Keynote immediately, scan the contents of the slides. The text should flow naturally. You may outline your investor pitch more successfully using various techniques, such as the 10/20/30 rules.

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